T. Tran

So, a little update. I’m now attending Art Center full time. Woo hoo! (Woo hoo…..) So whatever little presence I have online is only going to get smaller.

But like always, I’ll try to do something about it.


I got accepted.

Can’t do anything about it yet, but hey, I got accepted.

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Illustration final for fall 2012

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Illustration project for fall 2012

Illustration final for spring 2011


Wow, I’m really bad at this. Anyways, the semester’s over. Will try to play catch-up.



It’s almost summer…

Still Alive
Some updates:
  1. I’m still alive, just busy by either doing college work or procrastinating on college work.
  2. Inowhaveatwitteraccountmovingon
  3. Spring semester! I am enrolled in Figure Drawing, Beginning Illustration, (Graphic) Design I, and a history class (1865 to the present). Wish me luck!
  4. I have been behind on uploading my drawings and stuff. I will get on that when I can.

That’s it for now. Hopefully I will be better at this…